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Precision Machining Solutions

Aktis is specialized in manufacturing and assembly of precision components, fixtures, dies and fabrications with high quality, reduced cost and meeting strict timelines.

Aktis and its partners have well established precision machining facilities  to meet your high quality , low / high volume production/prototyping demands.

We are uniquely placed to continuously create opportunities for you to efficiently reduce lead time and costs using our best in class infrastructure, processes and  industry knowledge.

What We Do

  • Manufacturing of high precision parts with Ferrous and non ferrous metals. Tolerance from 5 microns.
  • Plating, Hardening and Painting services ( Electroless nickel, Tri M, Zinc, Anodizing, Blackening. etc.)
  • Precision Stamping dies and Molds.
  • Gauges, Fixtures and Jigs.
  • CNC / Fabricated assemblies.

Aktis- Competitive Edge

  • Quotes within couple of days of enquiry.
  • Cater to customer needs from one off prototype to medium and high volume production.
  • Capability in producing miniature parts; Diameters from 1mm and above.
  • Precision manufacturing; Can achieve very fine manufacturing tolerances.
  • Stringent quality control; Optical Profile Projector and 3D scanner for quality checks.
  • Specialized in machining stainless steels/alloy steels, titanium and other difficult materials.
  • Provide extended services; Design and manufacture of precision tooling and assemblies.
  • Tie ups with logistics companies for delivering the part across the globe.
Aktis Engineering - Hosur Road, Bangalore, India