In-house scanning using Steinbichler Blue Light LED scanner which offers following advantages over other measurement methods:

  • Accuracy of upto 5 microns with automatic rotary table

  • Lower cost of scanning

  • No limit on size of the object to be scanned

  • High precision – resolution of 2448 x 2050 (5 Megapixels)

  • Fast system calibration


  • Reverse engineering – scanning and CAD model generation

  • QC – First Article Inspection (FAI), GD&T inspection

  • Scan to CAD comparison – deviation analysis, shrinkage and warpage analysis

  • CAD to scan comparison – to check accuracy of recreated CAD

Advantages to Our Customers

  • Quick turnaround time for reverse engineering

  • Easy re-creation of parts/molds which do not have CAD data

Aktis also offers traditional reverse engineering services using conventional metrological equipments like verniers , micro meters, gauges etc. for measurements.