Project Description

Product Ideation / Conceptualization

One of the core strengths of Aktis has been concept generation. Almost all its customers have greatly appreciated the concepts & solutions developed by Aktis for their products & problems.

Aktis helps in product conceptualization by

  • Market Research

    Aktis carries out in-depth study of available products in the market to evaluate and address the gaps. The new requirements are suggested to be incorporated in the product specs.

  • Benchmarking

    Aktis’ vast network and special tools help in identifying and benchmarking competitor as well as similar products for better product definition.

  • Structured Brainstorming for product ideas

    A team of industry experts and engineers sit and discuss the pros and cons of different ideas and come up with multiple workable solutions.

  • Product specification / Traceability Matrix

    The specification document for the product is generated based on the requirements. The traceability matrix defines the various functionalities, regulatory, safety and durability requirements for the product and tracks them till testing.

  • Industrial Design / Product Sketches

    The industrial design team creates product sketches / high level 3D design for the product which defines the product’s form and features.

  • Concept Generation / Concept selection

    Based on the inputs from structured brainstorming session, multiple concepts are created. The positives and negatives of each concept are identified and ranked to select the best feasible concept. Different techniques used are

    • PUGH Analysis
    • SWOT Analysis
    • Weighted Matrix
    • How-and-Why diagram
  • Concept Design using CAD

    The selected concept is further developed using CAD to incorporate all the identified requirements.