Medical industry is going through challenges which are multi faceted. The new challenges in terms of quick turn around needed for critical treatments, technology enhancement needed for equipments, world wide pandemics, urgent need to provide quality health care to everyone and the list goes on. The cost of developing new technologies as well as getting approvals and certifications from the regulator authorities have multiple bottlenecks. Stiff competition among great players has made the focus mainly on innovation and cost effectiveness.

Medical Devices in india : Aktis Engineering

Aktis plays the role of a key element in the medical devices design and development space to boost innovativeness and speed up development time frame with cost-competitiveness. Our domain expertise in the critical care devices development area includes concept design, detailed design and FEA analysis for a wide range of components / equipments.

Aktis expertise in the medical industry (Medical Devices in india) is mainly in the below areas :

  • Critical care devices design and development

  • Concept engineering of innovative ideas

  • Value analysis and enhancement of existing products

  • Expertise in medical grade materials

  • Fixture design and manufacturing for functionality and structural testings’ of medical equipments

  • Clean room contract manufacturing and assembly