Firstly Agriculture is a major user of ground and surface water across the world and sprinkling accounts for over 40 percent of the total freshwater withdrawals. Water applied as irrigation allows for crop production in arid regions.  And supplements soil moisture in humid regions when growing season precipitation is insufficient. Irrigated crop production helps to support local rural economies in many countries across the globe. For Example contributes to the livestock, food processing, transportation, and energy sectors.

However It is so imperative to have proper irrigation technologies for efficient agricultural process and water preservation. Water preservation is one of the primary areas wherein global irrigation companies are investing on. Agricultural fields, Home gardens, Golf courses be it anywhere irrespective of the purpose, a solid water preservation methodology has to be devised. Aktis works with world leaders in sprinkling devices and helps them to achieve the desired quality and water conservation targets.

Aktis expertise in the Irrigation industry is mainly in the below areas :

  • Expertise in the design and development of Sprinklers , Bubblers, Deflectors, Nozzles etc

  • Design and development of water filtration systems

  • Field grid testing of equipments to evaluate the efficiency of irrigation

  • Benchmarking of equipments for comparative study and improvement

  • Irrigation control systems / Embedded engineering