Aktis Engineering Solutions with its large pool of highly experienced and focused automotive experts, has been providing its clients with a competitive edge through its cost-effective services and solutions. Aktis provides end-to-end solutions to the customer right from the concept design to product launch including product validation (both virtual and physical testing).

Aktis’ expertise is multi-dimensioned and it cuts across all automotive engineering disciplines. The primary areas of expertise are in the design and analysis of :

  • Seating systems
  • Interior trims

  • Centre consoles

  • Lighting systems

  • Bumper system

  • BIW

  • Light weight structures using Expanded Polypropylene (EPP)

Heavy Engineering

With the marketplace changing rapidly and competition becoming intense, it is imperative for companies to differentiate their product offerings and be the first-to-market. There is an increasing demand for developing products with additional functionalities, at a lower cost and in a compressed timeline.

Aktis offers a wide range of services to the heavy engineering Industry. Major expertise is in the design and development of the following :

  • Fully automated finishing fixtures for automotive HVAC

  • Welding fixtures

  • Sheet metal, Forged and Cast components for heavy engineering applications

  • Injection mold tools

  • Manufacturing process simulations

  • Construction equipment cabin

  • Material handling equipments

  • Pump design and analysis

  • Sound and heat insulation blanket for Steam turbines

  • Marine wipers

  • Special purpose Machineries

Consumer Products

Consumer products pose a major challenge to the manufacturers due to its ever-changing enhancement requirements from the market as well the challenges involved in making it handy and cost effective . As the consumers needs, preferences, interests and likes/dislikes are changing rapidly, the manufactures of these product should keep in pace with the consumer demands.

Aktis Engineering Solutions through its structured processes and brainstorming, conceives, develops and validates the solutions for various design problems faced by its clients in the consumer space.

  • Aesthetically appealing and easy to manufacture enclosures for electronic products with IPXX ingress requirements.

  • Hygiene flush and fill systems

  • Ergonomic workplace chairs and tables

  • Light weight helmets

  • Fitness equipments

  • Door closures

  • Indoor pool / Swim spa

Medical Devices

Medical industry is going through challenges which are multi-faceted. The new challenges in terms of quick turnaround needed for critical treatments, technology enhancements, worldwide pandemics, urgent need to provide quality healthcare to everyone and the list goes on. The cost of developing new technologies as well as getting approvals and certifications from the regulatory authorities have multiple challenges. Stiff competition among big players has shifted the focus to more innovation, quick turnaround time and cost effectiveness.

Aktis expertise in the medical industry is focused on the below areas :

  • Design and development of equipments like Blood sugar monitoring device, Dry eye treatment equipment, hand held pills dispenser, Facial steamer etc.

  • Design and development of Critical care devices used in intra-cranial procedures.

  • Value analysis, Reverse Engineering and Re-engineering of existing medical equipments to make it more effective

  • Expertise in medical grade materials

  • Sound knowledge of medical device standards like ISO 13485

  • Regulatory certification documentation

  • Fixture design and manufacturing for functionality and structural testing of medical equipments

  • Clean room contract manufacturing and assembly


Agriculture is a major user of ground and surface water across the world and irrigation accounts for over 40 percent of total freshwater withdrawals. It is so imperative to have proper irrigation technologies for efficient agricultural process and water preservation. Water preservation is one of the primary areas wherein global irrigation companies are investing on. Agricultural fields, Home gardens, Golf courses be it anywhere irrespective of the purpose, a solid water preservation methodology has to be devised. Aktis works with world leaders in irrigation devices and helps them to achieve the desired quality and water conservation targets.

Aktis expertise in the Irrigation industry is primarily in the below areas :

  • Design and development of Sprinklers , Bubblers, Deflectors, Nozzles etc.

  • Design and development of water filtration systems

  • Field grid testing of equipments to evaluate the efficiency of irrigation

  • Benchmarking of equipments for comparative study and improvement

  • Irrigation control systems / Embedded engineering