Engineering design and development:

Firstly Aktis has 15+ years of engineering design and development expertise for various industries in multiple domains.  Most importantly Our engineering design solutions and value engineering offerings help our customers to reduce time-to-market and achieve their product release goals. With extensive domain knowledge and in-depth understanding of the regulatory requirements.  Aktis is a go-to engineering partner for many technology driven companies of various sizes across geographies.

Aktis’ Solutions portfolio includes everything right from conceptualization to product manufacturing.


    Aktis’ experienced engineers use commercial CAD software and special engineering tools to address the finer aspects of product requirements in the design phase. However Aktis has multiple domain / technology experts to solve any design challenges.


    The deep understanding of the system as well as regulations enable Aktis engineers to evaluate various possible failure modes and risks to make sure that the product meets the necessary requirements. Aktis essentially conducts DFMEA on all its design projects to make the solutions robust.

  • DFMA

    The design team collaborates with in house manufacturing experts to effectively evaluate the manufacturing feasibility of any design by doing DFMA which leads to early detection and addressal of possible manufacturing / assembly issues resulting in reduced overall development time and cost.


    Aktis has extensive understanding of GD&T and has proven expertise in assigning tolerances to simple / complex parts and assemblies made from various materials and manufacturing methods. Aktis has in-depth experience in assessing the tolerance build-up in simple to complex assemblies using Worst-Case, RSS, RMS and Monte-Carlo techniques, in 1D, 2D and 3D targeting the required six sigma passing levels.


    Aktis has pioneers in embedded engineering domain as its partners who are capable of handling any kind of design and manufacturing requirements. Aktis has successfully delivered multiple embedded design and manufacturing projects of varied complexities in multiple domains.


    With its in-depth knowledge of regulatory requirements in various geographies. Aktis assists its customers to develop detailed documentations which will help their product to get certified.


    Value analysis / Value engineering for functionality improvements, weight optimization and cost reduction forms an integral part of Aktis services .  However Optimization targets are achieved by using various VA-VE techniques.  For Example,  FAST analysis, Function Tree analysis, Function-Cost analysis.